The Phantom
The Card Game

Terror in Mawitaan

A brand new adventure for The Phantom: the Card Game.

In this adventure, the Phantom is confronted with Chatu, a terrorist who does not hesitate to go all out in his fight.

The adventure introduces a new keyword "Tough", which means that the toughest villains require more attacks before they fall.

Side-Missions is the second feature, it is a kind of mini-adventure that can be played in parallel with adventures, they unlock new cards for the player and add one more thing to take care of.

Included as a bonus is a Side-Mission where players can train Devil from being a pup, this replaces Devil that was unlocked in the base game.


55 Card which includes the bonus mission: Side-Mission Devil.

1 Rule sheet

The expansion requires the core game The Phantom: the Card Game and can be played with 4 difficulty options.


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