Games by Lyck is a game company based in Sweden.

Mikael Lyck – Game Designer
My background is that I love the Phantom and have been a member of the Phantom Phan club Scandinavian Chapter for many years.

I have always been drawn to games of all kinds, one of my earliest memory is of me playing chinese checkers with my grandgrandmother, from there I moved on to Talisman, Nintendo and Heroquest which later got replaced by Magic the Gathering, Doomtrooper and computer games. My adult favourite games are Fallout 3, Dominion, 7 wonders, Hansa Teutonica and many others.

I started working on The Phantom the Card Game in 2017. I introduced my kids to an old Phantom board game created in the 1980s I was not overjoyed by the game mechanics. After everyone had gone to sleep I was turning in my bed thinking about how I would do a Phantom game. After a few hours of twisting and turning I went down and started writing rules. Some hours later my kids walked in and wondered why I was awake so early, I had been writing the whole night…


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