Games by Lyck

Games by Lyck is a Swedish board game design studio founded in 2017,
known for creating innovative and engaging games like
The Phantom - The card game.
The Phantom the Card Game

The Phantom - the Card Game

The Phantom the Card Game is an adventure game. You play alone or with a friend. You are in the world of The Phantom and can seek help from allies, using weapons and actions to support you. Players experience exciting adventures by using cunning to overcome problems and defeat enemies.
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"Allmoge paintings" are traditional Swedish folk art characterized by intricate, hand-painted designs typically found on items such as bridal chests and other furniture. In a game of Allmoge players take turns drafting pattern cards from a common supply, matching symbols on their own pattern. Each symbol earns points and special icons like the Dala horse earns extra points.
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Fail is a small, fast paced card game for 2 players that starts with face down and face up cards placed on the table in a formation. Players must now take turns selecting animal cards that are face up and not covered by other cards, and place them in front of them. The goal is to complete the patterns shown on the sides of the cards to score points.
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Upcoming games

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Craft a Raft An abstract game for two to four players. By using the wreckage of your old ship try to build a better raft than your opponents.
Protocol Breach Beat the AI and your fellow hackers in this cyberpunk dystopian game
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