Print and play

To play using the print and play method is free but might take some time to set up.
Follow these steps:

  • Download the files you want here. The pages are alternating fronts and backs so is good to go if your printer supports printing both sides.
    The first 6 pages are the Phantom deck and the next 6 pages is the Diana deck, so if you are playing solo, you can skip either 1-6 or 7-12 when printing
    • Either: Print at home, at a 3*3 grid on A4 makes the size good, cut the cards on the edge of the black border.
    • Or: Go to a printer shop and pay for them to print the cards for you, in this option it is good to include the “backs” files to.
  • Play the game using the rules either printed or on an electronic device.
  • Feel free to leave feedback here

If you have followed all the steps you are eligible to be a part of the TETE program, read more here.


Q: Can I do whatever I want with this printed game?
A: You may not sell it or make a profit from it, read more here