The Phantom has a thousand eyes and a thousand ears

-Old jungle saying

Thousand Eyes and Thousand Ears(TETE) is The Phantom the Card Games own test player program.

Being a member of TETE is a great way to get the latest news first, be a part of building the game to be as great as it can, and you will be rewarded by doing so!

It is easy to become a member, just follow these steps:

Rewards? What are these rewards you keep talking about?

Well, the rewards initially is that all players who have left feedback for at least one game will receive a promo card when we are sending out our kickstarter rewards. Also, for each game you have left feedback for you earn a ticket in a raffle for a “…for those who come in late” trade paper back of 212 full-colour pages that includes the Story of Devil.
Later when we will add more adventure packs and you will be rewarded points for each game you have left feedback on and these points can be used to buy promo cards in the future.


Q: What is the promo card that will be rewarded.
A: It will be revealed later but it might have the same name as the title of this page…

Q: My friend let me play his print and play version of the game, do I need to download and print my own or can I just fill in the form?
A: As long as you have gotten impressions to share you are welcome to become a TETE member by filling in the form.